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Become a member of the BA artist community

Bellefonte Arts welcomes artist members who are actively creating and marketing their artwork, who are interested in offering art classes, and participating in our events, to join our artist community. We are taking a different approach from the usual "gallery" format and are calling our brick and motar space "a unique gift shop featuring the artwork of local artists." We feel that the term "gallery" may be intimidating for some, and we want to offer a comfortable and welcoming venue encouraging people to come in chat with our artists at events, join our artist community, learn or advance your craft, and purchase artwork for their homes, as gifts, or for personal enjoyment. We are finding this approach very successful.

If you are interested in joining our community of artists, then we are looking for you! We welcome local artists to join us.

We will be accepting new members starting in June.

You may fill out application beforehand,

and we will contact you soon.


Currently we are filled for Photography, Jewelry (we have a waiting list), Tie Dye clothing, and Body Products. 

We have openings for Pottery, Purses, Hats, leather goods, woodwork, small sculpture - basically any unique work that we don't already have! 

Please read the Membership Information below, before you fill out the application. If you have a social media site dedicated to your artwork - perfect!  Please include it!

Our staff consists of artist volunteers, so please be patient with us as some of us work from home in our spare time. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the artist community in Bellefonte DE.

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