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The Bellefonte Arts Festival was founded by Valerie White and Damon Betz in 2009 as a way to gather and showcase the rich pool of talented local artists and musicians in the Town of Bellefonte, Delaware. The first street festival consisted of 12 art vendors, 4 local bands, two food vendors and indoor dining and drinks at the Bellefonte Cafe. It has grown in the past years to now host 56 art vendors, a kids korner, and a food truck food court. With the popularity of the outdoor festival, an indoor year round shop was created in 2011 to house over 40 artists who sell their handcrafted works year round, offer classes to the community, and participate in monthly art exhibits.

With much gratitude and appreciation

​In 2009 a very special relationship began and an art festival was born. Little did they realize when they sat down to dream up this event that it would grow and unite an already uniquely close-knit and artistic community.

Damon Betz performed with his band Black Cheese at the very first festival.  He has scheduled the performance line-up each year until his unexpected departure in 2021.  He is leaving a giant hole in the arts and music scene, and in the Bellefonte Community.

Thanks for all the love, laughter, and music.

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Bellefonte Arts' purpose is to provide support, education, and management skills for local artists and artisans, and to instill life long learning to adults, to facilitate artistic endeavours, to enrich quality of life, and to strengthen community connection through artistic expression.

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