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"Who Let The Dogs Out" Pageant
One-of-a-Kind competition for dogs of all sizes; clothed or not.


Saturday, April 15th, 2023

Location:  Bellefonte Arts

Pageant begins at 12 p.m.

Pageant benefits Senior Dog Haven and Hospice

Pageant Information:


We ask for your patience and support for this fun annual event.

Pups must be entered by the published deadline. Entries are limited to 10 pups in each weight category on a "first come" basis. The $10 entry fee is non-refundable.


Please be mindful that this is an animal event, and some things may not go according to plan (because…🤷🏿 pups), so your understanding is appreciated.


General rules:

  • By entering, you guarantee that your pup is current on its vaccinations for the safety of other pups and pup-parents.

  • All dogs must be leashed at all times. 

  • If your pup does not play well with others, you must maintain control of him/her for the judging.


To keep order and sanity for our pup parents, we have established a judging timeline:


Small pups (up to  20 lbs.)

Check in and line-up: Noon - 12:15 pm

Judging begins at 12:30pm

Prizes awarded at 1:00pm


Medium sized pups (21 - 40 lbs.)

Check in and line-up @ 1:15 pm

Judging begins @ 1:30pm

Prizes awarded @ 2:00pm


Large pups (41 lbs. and up)

Check in and line-up @ 2:15pm

Judging begins at 2:30pm

Prizes awarded at 3pm


Note: Pups should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their particular weight class.


Prize Categories:

  • Most Adorable (Cutest)

  • Best Dressed (Most original outfit)

  • Most Well Behaved


All pups will receive a frameable certificate for their participation in this event. Winners' pics will be taken individually to be posted on our website and on our social media sites, where group pics of participants in each weight class will also be published.

Register your Pup:

Email us your name, phone number, contestant's name and weight category to


Submit your entry fee here:

Previous Pageant Photos

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